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This is a cool website (i promise)

please enjoy these goofy ahh images in the meanwhile...

you can also read the website news!

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Why Does This Website Exist?

I ask myself the same question too...

In all seriousness I made this whole website for kicks and giggles and I just find old html easier for me to read.

This website contains cool stuff like images, games, puzzles, blogs, etc.(soon)

(note: i apologize if i update too much, idk how to size images correctly and i might spell a few things wrong cuz i'm an idiot)

so uhh... web viewer! i hope you have a good time here! and you can click off anytime! thx for visiting (this website is under construction btw)

Cool Stuff

Song Of The Week:kuro - the night

Video Of The Week: Jordan never did that move...

Image Of The Week:

Cool Websites

3D Gif Maker

you can make cool lil gifs on this website like this one


JS Paint

Neat little replica (or emulation) of the old MS Paint Software

Classic Reload

This entire website is a whole treasure trove of about 6000+ Old preserved Computer Games!

YT2 MP3 Converter

A website where you can download MP3s of Youtube Videos for free

Jurassic Systems

interactable reenactment of a scene from Jurassic Park


Cool lil' pixel sandbox game


online music maker


customizable game show and death game simulators


YOU SHOULD LEARN HOW TO CODE HTML NOW!(I'm saying this to myself and you)


favicon creator

Cool Albums you should listen to

Giorgio Moroder - E=MC2

this entire album and the legend Giorgio were ahead of their time, like this album was made in 1979!! Some of the songs on here

sound kinda chiptune-ish (especially the title track e = mc2). this whole album is a banger and I highly encourage you to listen to it!

Mr. Scruff - Ninja Tuna

fish cute. ok to elaborate the songs on this album are pretty groovy, for example Music Takes Me Up has really catchy vocals by Alice Russell

and the rest on the songs on this album are pretty jazzy (bruh i just realized how horrible i am at describing things like i legit can't describe how much I love this album.)

The Avalanches - Since I Left You

Fun fact: This album was mostly made out of samples! (Electricity had live vocals and instrumentation and Live at Dominoes had vocoded vocals

The amount of effort made into this album is outstanding! (Around 900+ samples were used in this album btw)

And every song on this album flows into eachother flawlessly, like this was done mostly with samples!

I highly recommend you listen to this album due to shear passion put into it and the whole emotion it gives you (the title track especially).

Cool Images and Gifs

we will always remember you Ralph :D

Cool Youtube Channels

The Action Lab

cool science channel

Nile Red

another cool science channel

Ruben Sim

the BEST roblox youtuber (fuck roblox as a company btw)

TREY the Explainer

epic history and paleontology youtuber

Solar Sands

deviantart critic turned video essay maker


VSAUCE IS THE BEST YOUTUBER EVER :)))))) .... . .-.. .--. -- .


cool twitch streamer


horse lover and gamer

Tale Foundry

robot that talks about literature

Cool Games